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About Automated Sprinkler Systems

The Advantages of Owning an Automatic Sprinkler System

If you are considering installing an automatic sprinkler system on your own or hiring a professional to do the job, the following answers to frequently asked questions can help get you started towards owning the most convenient and efficient way to water your lawn and landscape.

No. — In fact, an automatic sprinkler system may save you water. A well designed, efficient irrigation system applies precisely the amount of water needed by your landscape. You will never again have to worry about wasting water if you forget to turn off the hose. Plus, with a Rain Bird rain shut off sensor your system will know when it is raining and merely turn itself off when water is not needed.

Yes. — You won’t have to spend another minute of your valuable leisure time watering the lawn. Your new system will do all the watering for you – even when you are away from home!

An automatic sprinkler system will do a more efficient job because it will be designed based on your landscapes diverse watering needs, using specific products designed to water grass, trees, shrubs or garden plants.

If it rained at your house every three days — the same amount each time — you probably would not need a sprinkler system. But nature doesn’t work that way, and the only way to ensure healthy, lush yard is to make sure that your lawn and plants receive a regularly timed and evenly measured amount of water. In the dry season when there is little or no rain, your plants can suffer stress and damage after just a few days without water.

A typical system is comprised of a controller (which functions as the brains of the operation), valves (which open and close to release and stop the flow of water to underground pipes) and sprinklers (which distribute water to specific areas). The sprinkler system can be customized further with rain shut off devices, soil moisture
sensors, and drip irrigation zones.

It is best if all of a system’s components are manufactured by the same company to ensure that they will work well together. Rain Bird designs and produces a complete line of parts that make up an efficient irrigation system. Rain Bird also has a nationwide network of home improvement dealers, irrigation distributors, and irrigation contractors to help you choose and install the right Rain Bird product for your landscape’s diverse watering needs.

Rain Bird offers a wide selection of the most advanced sprinkler timers and controllers that are powerful enough to meet your customized watering needs while being simple to program and adjust. The newest Smart controllers from Rain Bird even adjust themselves automatically based on changing weather, temperature, and rainfall, so all you need to do is sit back and relax.

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