Landscape Installation: Understanding The Steps From Columbia’s Top Landscapers

“Sod laying is like painting. The hard part is in the preparation and the finished product is only as good as the preparation. Start with good soil. There is no better time to enhance home lawn’s ultimate beauty and success than by improving the soil before any planting takes place.

Soil Preparation for a Beautiful Lawn

Benefits of Proper and Complete Soil Preparation

Improved Uniformity
Increased Density
Faster recovery from wear
Reduced Use of water, fertilizer, & chemicals
Reduced Maintenance

Quick Fact: Why Is Good Soil Important?

For optimum growth, turfgrass needs just four things (in the proper balance) to grow—sunlight, air, water, and nutrients. Reduce any of these, or provide too much of anyone, and the grass may die or simply suffer. In the right proportions, the grass will flourish, providing not only beauty to the landscape, but also a clean and safe place to play and many benefits to the environment.

Grass obtains three of these four essential factors (air, water, and nutrients) from the soil, but many soils are less than ideal for growing grass. Some soils contain too much clay and may be very compact. While great for roads, compressed soil and clay are bad for grass. Air and water aren’t available to the roots, and the roots can’t grow. Other soils may have too much sand. While beautiful on a beach, sand is difficult to grow grass on because water and nutrients won’t stay in the root zone long enough for the plant to use. Another frequently observed problem with many soils is that its pH (the degree of acidity or alkalinity) is too high or too low for optimum grass growth.

Our services carefully access every element of your lawn to ensure the correct grass and preparation is used to get you the best results!

Here are some of the things that we consider:

What Is The Best Soil For Turfgrass?

Loams, sandy loams, and loamy sands, with a pH of 6.0 to 6.5 are the very best soils for producing a beautiful, high-use, low-maintenance lawn. Unfortunately, this idea soil mixture is seldom found on any property after construction.

How Deep Should the Soil Be For Turfgrass?

The absolute minimum quality soil depth for a care-free lawn is 4 inches; however, for deeper root penetration and the benefits that bring, the accepted standard is 6 inches.

Can Soils Be Improved?

Practically without exception, not only can most soils be improved, they usually need to be upgraded to get the maximum results with only a minimum of another on-going effort. The knowledge of what’s necessary, the amount and availability of materials and the immediate costs of time and money are the factors that typically deter people from taking the steps required for improving the soil. While some people do not fully understand the importance of good soils for grass, many also believe they can save time and money by ignoring the need to improve their lawn’s soil. The fact is that failing to improve the soil before planting is only inviting a much more significant and continual investment of both time and money, which will never return its value as fully as preparing the soil properly before planting any grass. It is important to remember that most warm-season turf grasses can grow a host of soils and adding a foreign soil can hinder root production. If you amend or modify your soil you must till it entirely with the original soil to make a homogeneous mixture. If you do not use the proper techniques, your results can be disastrous.

We will take the time to explain your options and so your different plans that work within your budget and ensure your successful lawn!

Site Preparation Steps

“The beauty is in the blades, but the ‘action’ is in the roots,” is a good adage to remember when growing grass.”

The value of proper site preparation and soil improvement. Deep roots will make the lawn more drought resistant, more efficient water, and nutrient user and denser as new grass plants emerge. A thick lawn will crowd out weeds and better resist insects and diseases.

Let us show you the best options for your lawn to ensure many hours of enjoyment!

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